Remote Learning

TMMS is a One-to-One campus, meaning we have devices for all children to use for in person and remote learning. More information can be found on the Devices pages under Students/Parents. 

Many questions can be answered in the Remote Learning Handbook .

For those who are learning remotely, it is crucial for these students to have functioning cameras and microphones on their computer & for them to use them. Checking in and then turning off the camera is not okay. Not only can the teacher not see if the student is participating, but the student also has no way of getting the teacher's attention if a question is to be asked. When a student turns the camera off for a long while in class, teachers assume the kids are doing something else; if they were in person, it would be like getting up and walking out of the room without permission and staying gone.

Students also need to set up in a place in the house that is not distracting. Many of the students who have been unsuccessful in remote learning state that they can't get a quiet place to learn in the house- there are siblings, pets, loud TVs, game systems, etc. Others state that they are on a phone trying to do class at the store or other places, not home.  Please make every effort to keep your child home and engaged in class.