TMMS is a "One-to-One" campus, which means every student on campus has an electronic device.  We are so excited to offer devices for you/your student to use for learning purposes!

How do I get a device?

All you have to do to get one is come to the front office, fill out the device loan contract and make sure a parent or guardian is there to sign it. These are for TMMS enrolled students only.

Device Care- It is very important for you/your student to take care of the device issued, as well as the charger. Chargers are not free, and we cannot hand them out freely because they were left at home or forgotten somewhere. Please be responsible users of technology and keep track of the items you are issued. A small tag on the back of the computer and charger, like a school appropriate sticker or piece of colored tape, will help you know which one is yours among the rest of the devices. Also, take a picture of the bar code on the back so you know your device number and keep it for reference later.

Remember to store your device in a cool, protected area. Do not leave them in hot cars or outside in the sun or rain.  When carrying them, keep them in a padded pouch or pocket in your backpack- don't forget it is in there! A lot of breakages we see are from people throwing bags to the ground and forgetting that expensive device is in there. Also, do not use your device in bed. Kids fall asleep and roll over on them, and the screens get cracked. Leaving them on the floor has also resulted in damage from being stepped on by people and pets.  Avoid eating or drinking while using your device to keep the keyboard free from stickiness or crumbs that can get in the keyboard and damage functionality.


Problems with Your Device- The first thing to do is turn your computer completely off, wait a minute or so, then turn it back on. That resets things and 95% of the time, whatever the problem was is solved. If that does not work, call the librarian Mrs. Steagall at 903-6615 and she can try to help you. If you are bringing a device from home that is not school-issued, and you can not connect to the network, you will need to call Juan Cervantez at 903-6614. He is the network technician and is the only person who is able to get into the network to reset you. You can also have your teacher call him to come to your classroom. 

If you think your device is broken or just can't be fixed by a call to either one of us, take your device to the front office and give it to one of the secretaries up front. They will fill out another form and give you another one if any are available. That may not happen immediately, so be prepared. You may also not get a comparable device- you may get one that is older or a little less new, so think carefully before turning one in. It's not a used car lot where you can trade up. :)