Clubs & Organizations

TMMS has many clubs and organizations that you can join... find a place where you belong! Some are classes or electives, some require permission from the advisor and others have admission requirements like nominations or recommendations from staff.  Talk to the advisor listed about how you can get involved! 

Band- Antonio De La Rosa

Choir- Katherine Ragan

Sports- Boys Coordinator      and Girls Coordinator Valerie Mendoza

Student Council- Advisors Larissa Mares and Analisa Wood

Spanish Club 

Yearbook- Advisor -

Science Club- Advisor Aimee Castillo and Chelsea Watson

UIL Academics- Advisor Angela Steagall

Tribal Leaders (8th Graders only, by invitation)- Advisor Angela Steagall

National Junior Honors Society- 

Cheerleading- Coaches Esmer Cosio and Lisa De Leon

Library Aides- Advisor Angela Steagall

Office Aides- Advisor Jessica Martinez

6th Grade Book Club- Advisor Angela Steagall

Theater -- Advisor Linda Esquivel