Middle School Band Handbook



Dear Tuloso Midway Middle School Band Members and Parents,

Welcome to the TMMS Band program! We have developed this Handbook to help students AND parents gain a better understanding of the workings of the Band program, what we do, how we do it, and the responsibility that leads to the success of the student and the Band program.

To the Students:

This Handbook is designed to give you information that will enable you to have an extraordinarily successful year as a member of the TMMS Warrior Band and to have a better understanding of what it means to be a Band Member. Please read this handbook carefully so that you may understand what is expected of you as a Band Member and what you can expect from the Band program in return. The success of YOUR Band program requires that YOU be 100% dedicated to doing your part to ensure YOUR success. YOU are the most important part of the Band program, and the guidelines, regulations, and information contained in the Handbook are designed to help YOU ensure the success of the Band!

To the Parents:

The success your child enjoys in Band is largely due to your support as a parent. We ask that you encourage your child to practice regularly at home to help them be better prepared for rehearsals and performances. You are their biggest support and their most important audience! 

In addition, your role in the success of the Band program is immeasurable. No large organization can achieve success without the help of dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring individuals who are willing to help behind the scenes with all that goes into a successful Band program. From helping raise funds, to moving equipment on performance days, chaperoning trips, cooking, sewing, or cheering enthusiastically in the audience after a performance, the more you give, the more you get. The Band program simply cannot survive without the help of a strong, dedicated parent organization.

Finally, we are dedicated not only to the success of the students but that of the Band program. We will strive for excellence in all aspects of the organization, and will work to communicate information efficiently and effectively, to conduct rehearsals in a positive and productive manner, and to model the ideals of integrity, responsibility, attitude, passion, and character for which we believe the Band program stands.